Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running Season

It's my favorite time of year for running. While most runners yesterday were bundled up in jackets, I tend to be warm-blooded so I jogged in my college senior week t-shirt and shorts. I worked up a sweat, but the brisk air kept my body cool. Chilled temperatures work in my favor, pushing me to run harder.

I had this incredibly vivid dream over the weekend that I was running my second marathon. I was focused on my pace with a strong desire to beat my former time. I could see the flag mile markers and I was around the 14th mile when I awoke. In my dream, there was a sense of urgency -- a need to set a personal record -- the pressure similar to past dreams where I'm rushing to turn in a paper for class on time or the dreaded serving nightmares from my days of being a waitress. I wasn't satisfied with my time so maybe this was my body's way of telling me I have to do it again.

As a side note, I've seen this guy several times now running barefoot. Is that not insane?!? What if he steps on a nail? I hope he's up-to-date on his tetanus shots!

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ruby said...

i can't believe i'm just under 11 days away. 10 days, away, really. i'm so f*cking excited i can barely stand to be around myself.