Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Show Time

I managed to score two tickets to Robin Williams for tomorrow night! Last week he announced a three-night stand in Minneapolis (with proceeds going to local charities) to feel out material for his upcoming show at the MGM Grand.

He chose the small venue, Acme Comedy Co., which only accommodates 275 people so tickets sold out in thirty-eight minutes. Tickets were available by phone or website, but the small club staff only had three people to answer phones and the abundance of hits caused the site to crash, resulting in disappointment and rage for many of Williams' fans. By a stroke of luck, I was able to buy tickets online for tomorrow's show (the only night still open at the time).

I'm pretty excited! TheGuy told me Robin Williams sweats profusely on stage, going through an entire case of water per performance, sometimes using a full bottle to completely douse himself. The Acme owner referred to Williams as "low maintenance", saying his only request was "twenty bottles of water."

Craigslist posters are willing to fork over $400-$500 for a couple tickets. Even more interesting are some of the desperate pleas/proposals...

HI THERE! MY HUBBY AND I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO SEE ROBIN...WE RENT HIS "LIVE ON BROADWAY" A FEW TIMES A YEAR WHEN WE REALLY WANT TO LAUGH..and the BIRDCAGE...forget about it. WE'LL PAY ANY FAIR PRICE and buy some drinks. I coach softball and will not be able to go to WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY so the tickets will need to be for Tuesday. It would be a super awesome, coolest thing you could ever do for a us. Wanna give back to the community....give two tired teachers a well dererved night out. SMILES AND BIG BEAR HUGS Oh yah...I am an Enlgish teacher-organic gardener-and the best darn babysitter around...Willing to trade!!!!

Playing the teacher card? Giving back to the community? We're good people! Who the hell cares? Love her misspelling of "English" teacher and her need to share she's an organic gardener. Frankly, I'd be horrified if she was my kid's English teacher. Smiles and bear hugs all around!

I’ve read all the CL posts; was it 2 or 4 tickets for $800, the idiot who bogged about his friend scorning his tickets from the inside, all of ‘em. .

There is NO SCALPING if Acme Club can help it. I was lucky enough to get 4 tickets for Wednesday night, my birthday; I’ll be 55, the OLD speed limit : )

I’m looking for another couple, age appropriate, to share them with. I’ve got the tickets, I did the research, I did the leg work, I‘ve got the dinner reservations and there is MORE.

What are you going to contribute, it has to be more than ’split it’ with me.

Send me your cell phone & we’ll discuss it.

Using your tickets to entice swingers? This is just plain CREEPY.


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