Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whatever Dude

Yesterday at work I was talking to TheGuy on gchat when I decided to ask him to change his relationship status on Facebook. It was really more of a test than anything, which he barely passed -- he got a C-. His relationship status has always said "single" while I've never listed my status. I mean, why?

Immediately after I asked him, he ignored me for the next twenty-five minutes. I got pissed, said a few unkind words and signed off. Then I logged into Facebook and noticed he removed his relationship status from his page. The weird thing was he did it ten minutes after I asked though he didn't bother to respond to the IM I'd sent twenty-five minutes prior to that.

Then he sent a b.s. apology email about being in the middle of something important at work (yeah right, he never even went idle) and saying he'd removed that he was single though he wasn't sure that's what I was "going for or not" and more b.s. about how annoying it is when people update that stuff all the time (6 months = all the time) and that he's a private person that way (so he can continue to pursue LP and other women).

Clearly, it was not something he wanted to do.


ruby said...

i call shenanigans on theguy.

what a meh-filled mehface.

MD said...

I agree with Ruby, kick him in the nads!

Anonymous said...

You are murdering this sort of relationship (that was only supposed to be FWB) in a most hilarious fashion. Don't forget to post any passive/aggressive revenge you take, because that stuff makes for great blogging. Seriously though, why don't you just ask him if he's looking for a new girlfriend. It doesn't seem like you'll have to hard a time finding a new guy.

Milwaukee Girl said...

That's ridiculous! Uck. Why do men have to have the penises? That's the only good thing about them sometimes!

(Except you MD)

Sexy Housewife said...

Maybe you both need to use the "It's complicated" option. Or maybe you are both in a funk because it is never going to stop snowing!