Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Love Hexagon

Jerry Springer, watch out for flying chairs! Last Friday, Curly Sue, Boris, and Boris' wife were all at the bar together. At some point in the evening, Mrs. Boris decided to let everyone know she and her husband have sex twice a day. Perhaps she felt threatened by Curly Sue?

If that weren't awkward enough, later in the weekend Boris' friend Kirby exposed the affair between Curly Sue and Boris to Mrs. Boris. Why on earth would he do such a thing? Because Kirby (also married) has a thing for Curly Sue so he thought he'd have a chance with her if he successfully removed Boris from the equation. Supposedly, Curly Sue has no interest in Kirby, but we can always hope for some more love triangle (or more like hexagon) jealousy to make this story even more interesting!


Anonymous said...

I don't know that this isn't going to end with some crazy murderin' antics. Make sure you know some alternate exits from your workspace! :)

MD said...

I love this. Your mission, which you have no choice BUT to accept, is to infiltrate this group and stir the pot even more!