Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where Did I Go?

I've got a fake job and a fake relationship, and for what? Why am I cheating myself out of living up to my full potential? Does it all amount to my fear of failure? If I never try, I'll never fail, right? But if I never try, I'll never succeed. I can't fathom living my whole life never seeing my name in print. In terms of a relationship, I deserve to be with someone who brings out the very best part of me. Not settling for someone with whom I'm content.

Who is this coward that took over my body? When did I quit living?

1 comment:

MD said...

It's not like 90% of us haven't done what you're doing!

How many of us have stayed in relationships b/c it was safe? How many of us wish we could have better jobs but do nothing about it?

Rest assured, you're *ahem* normal. Well, relatively... for a Midwesterner...