Friday, April 25, 2008

Boring Updates

Things have been non-eventful lately. Here's all that's happened the last couple weeks.

1. Majority of my free time has been spent with TheGuy. Not real exciting stuff. LP's Facebook status has changed to "in a relationship" but the man remains a mystery.

2. Heard the song "American Boy" by Estelle featuring Kanye on the radio last weekend and loved it ever since.

3. The latest on Curly Sue and Boris is that the whole "outing" of the affair turned out to be a cruel joke. Thus it continues. Or more like, never stopped.

4. I'm really paranoid TheGuy is going to find this blog. In reviewing the history on my computer, I discovered he clicked on a couple of my bookmarks. While I don't have this blog bookmarked, he could easily figure out which is mine if he spent enough time perusing my favorites. Now I must remove them.

5. My mom had a dream that she entered a room to find me crying hysterically. When she asked what was wrong, I said, "TheGuy proposed." Her response, "No wonder you're crying."

6. I'm enjoying being able to run outdoors again. I haven't done more than 6 miles yet, but I'm pleased for now. Thanks to the help of my trainer (TheGuy), I successfully barely bench and squat 55 pounds now! My balance still needs a lot of work though.

7. One of my high school friends recently got implants. I haven't seen her yet but my curiosity is at an all-time high. I will probably see her this weekend.

8. My dad went golfing over the weekend by himself and ended up joining a threesome, which included a guy who introduced himself as Bobby, as in, the guy I've been infatuated with since seventh grade. Also there? A guy I accidentally made out with once in college when his roommate insisted he walk me home one night. So I guess Bobby was playing with a brand new driver and when he went to tee off, he swung with so much force that the driver head flew off the end of the club. He was pissed, understandably so. And played like crap for the next few holes.

9. Jason texted again last weekend, wanting to know if I was out. I wasn't. It's been two months since I met the kid. One thing I neglected to blog about earlier is that I have slight reassurance in his physical appearance. In doing some super stalking on Facebook, I discovered he's friends with this girl that used to live in the unit next to me. We never really spoke much, but I saw her all the time and yet again, through Facebook and MySpace, I learned she met Bobby (yes, my Bobby) at WeFest one summer and became friends with him. Also, she's friends with this guy at the gym Deborah goes to and she attempted to set me up with him. Now there's a third connection. Anyway, this girl and her friends are really pretty so I can only assume he must be a decent looking guy. Who knows if I'll ever find out.

10. A few days ago, my brother's girlfriend told this story I can't get out of my head. One of her friends had plans to dogsit for a week. The first day she arrived at the home, their poodle was dead. She found the vet's phone number and the vet told her the dog hadn't been doing well lately so it wasn't a big shock, but told her she still needed to bring the dog into the clinic. Unfortunately for her, this was no toy poodle, the thing was heavy. She decided her best option was to put the poodle in a suitcase with wheels. She was in Chicago so she needed to take the train and in the process, she struggled with the suitcase on the stairway. A man nearby offered his assistance which she graciously accepted. While on the train, he asked, "So what do you have in that suitcase anyway?" She replied, "Computer equipment." At her stop, she filed out, suitcase in hand, only to be shoved aside as some guy from the train ran off with the dead poodle. Could you imagine the look on his face when he opened the suitcase?

11. I got a tattoo of a hickey on my neck.

12. I learned a new term for cellulite: hail damage. Funniest term since "muffin top."


MD said...

Computer equipment! HA! I mean, it's sad to hear about the poodle, but that serves that Ahole right for, well being an Ahole.

Kim said...

#10 OMG