Wednesday, August 22, 2007

7th Grade Diary Ramblings


Dear Diary,

Well, I finally got to see Bobby the whole week. So cool! Know what I super hate? We switch spots in science a whole bunch of times. I've never been able to sit across, behind, or in front of Bobby. Never even close. It sucks! I hate it! Yesterday these kids in my math class took one of the other kid's calculator and started kicking it on the ground. Then this 8th grader came and he said, "Oh, you guys are so cool, kicking a calculator on the ground. You're so cool." Then Bobby was behind me, I didn't even know it. Bobby said, "Oh, you're so awesome yourself." I don't think the 8th grader heard him but it was funny.

In lunch Bobby came to the table I sit at asking for money, his usual routine. He said, "I like Cheetos now." Because they're just starting to get Cheetos. While he was waiting for someone to give him money, he was going back and forth and bumping into me. I wouldn't give a shit though, as long as it was Bobby. Ever since I first caught a glimpse of Bobby, I liked him. He did change his hairstyle though. I liked his old hairstyle better. I still like him though.

Something I forgot to tell you is that when I was taking the science test and Bobby was in front of me, I accidentally burped. I had my mouth closed so it wasn't loud. Bobby heard it though. He turned around and said my name. I started laughing. He has so many different shoes. Also changed his earring to a little hoop.


Dear Diary,

Hi! Guess what? There's a girl named Maggie (in my grade) and Bobby's going out with her older sister! Somehow it doesn't bother me though. Sure, I hope Bobby dumps her, but they just started going out on Thursday. I don't know anything about Maggie's sister but if she's anything like Maggie, I worry. Maggie is, well, she's really popular and goes out with a lot of guys. She's not very pretty, but okay, and she is boy crazy. Sexually active, horny, things like that. I'm sure she's checked out every guy's ass in school.

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