Thursday, October 11, 2007

"I'll take a hint for $500 please."

Last night I texted Sparky to see if he wanted to join us for wine which turned out to be a big mistake.

Here's how the texting went down:

Sparky: I appreciate the offer. I am going to the Wild game.

Me: Cool, have fun!

Sparky: We definitely need to get together soon though. What are you doing this weekend?

Me: Drinking heavily. At a bar. Yet to be determined.

Sparky: Do you plan on eating dinner before that?

Me: I prefer to drink on an empty stomach.

Sparky: Well I guess I'll be eating dinner alone then.

Kinda sad, huh? It ended there. I had no response to that! I later relayed the exchange to GC and told her I do NOT have a crush on Sparky so she said she'd let him know.


Milwaukee Girl said...

Oh, ouch! If I were her I'd stock mine with a variety of blues! What blue were you again? They're for my cat ...

MD said...

Why do you toy with this man so much? You should cut him some slack, for the sake of the children!!


Yes, for god's sake think of the children and either leave Sparky alone or marry him

Milwaukee Girl said...

Oops - my original comment was for the other post.

I think this guy is oblivious - although, it's always nice to get a free dinner.

What's going on with the make out guy?

MD said...

HA MG, I was wondering what was up with your comment! I didn't want to say anything and expose myself as being unhip