Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Case of the Purple Toothbrush

Last night I met GC at the Loop for Wino Wednesday. After career and men updates (or lack thereof), we got to talking about our friend Ella. The past few months, she's been seeing a guy she met online. Last weekend she awoke to a familiar scent on his comforter. She recognized the smell, asking aloud, "What is that? I know it." Several repeated whiffs later, she identified the fragrance as Tommy Girl (the cheapness only added insult to injury).

She then got up to brush her teeth with the pink toothbrush he'd bought specially for her, but when she went to place it in its matching pink case, there was a purple toothbrush! She left with no explanation. He called twenty-four hours later (perhaps after purple toothbrush girl was over?) to say it was his roommate's girlfriend's toothbrush. One can only speculate as to how many toothbrushes his medicine cabinet holds...

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MD said...

What's wrong, pink no good? As a supporter of oral hygiene, I applaud him.