Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saturday Shocker

Sorry for the delay, I've mulled over whether to post this entry the past few days. It was never my intent to make this blog too personal, but admittedly, it's more interesting that way. I have no qualms about sharing my humiliating stories, but I shy away when it involves my personal relationships. You never know who may be reading and I'd like to be overprotective of friends of family. It just feels wrong to mention names. Anyway, so here goes.

Typical of most relationships, my first ex-boyfriend and I share a long history of good and bad, ups and downs and love triangles to boot. I cut off communication with him a few years back, but I stay up-to-date on his life via stalker's haven, MySpace. Prior to Saturday evening, I knew he was living in a townhouse with his fiancée and a zoo of animals.

I met up with a couple friends at Harvey's downtown Sat night. From there, we headed to Bar Abilene in uptown. Imagine my surprise when three deep from the front of the door line was the elder brother of my ex-boyfriend. I'm sure my jaw dropped to the floor. He stuck his hand out as we passed by so I half-shook it, but more held it for an instant, consumed by shock and disbelief.

Immediately, my mind began racing. It was the next big thing to running into my ex. In retrospect, it was better. Back when my ex and I were friends, he and his brother were extremely close. Family values played a dominant role in their relationship. I soon learned that was no longer the case between the estranged brothers. The reason: the fiancée.

As it turns out, the older (hence, wiser) bro strongly disapproves of her and thinks she is all wrong for him. So much so, that he attempted to intervene at one point in hopes his brother would see the light, but to no avail. He simply fails to hear any of the negative things said about her. More or less, old bro dislikes her because she's an uneducated whore (pardon my French). In fact, one of his good friends goes out of his way to avoid her because they've hooked up.

When I asked what his parents thought, he said they don't like her, but they've accepted the fact she's going to be a part of the family. What can you do?? Within the last few weeks, I'd heard a scandalous story involving her. As much as it kills me, I'll refrain from the details. I have no idea if my ex knows about this fun fact, but it's quite possible he knows now. My delivery of the news was in poor taste, but I was tipsy and the juicy tidbit was fresh in my mind.

The most surreal part was when old bro said I'd have been a better match for his brother. On one hand, it was reasurring and validating to hear, but at the same time, it depressed me. I'd put all that behind me so long ago, but it all came flooding back. At least for the remainder of the night. Talk about the ultimate buzzkill.

I'd been genuinely happy for my ex, presumably because he appeared to be very happy with her. Now I'm unsure. I have no regrets about past decisions, but still can't help but wonder. Only natural, I suppose.

On the lighter side of things, my parents got a huge kick out of the fact my phone dialed their house at 2:44 in the morning, at which point my friends and I were stuffing our faces at Uptown Diner, the Perkins of uptown.

In a deep sleep, my mom awoke and started yelling at Brody because she thought he was yipping in his dream. After a minute or two, my dad realized it was the phone, wrongly accusing my youngest brother as the guilty party. Undeniably, the most irresponsible sibling of the three. But, no, the caller ID reveals my name so my mom, in her disorientated state, starts shouting my name at the answering machine, never occurring to her to pick up the phone and hang up.

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