Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Limbo

My head has been reeling the past few days. I'm suffering dizzy spells due to all the spinning.

Buried deep, there is hurt. Why can't I tap into that?

I know it's crazy for me to think there's anything worth salvaging from this relationship when there wasn't much of one to begin with. Nonetheless it's the lost time, the lost memories, the lost feelings that I have a hard time letting slip away. Where do they go? Do they get filed away in archived folders in your mind? Do those feelings get replaced once you enter a new relationship? Or in time, do they dissipate altogether?

I know it's time to let go, I'm just not there yet...

p.s. Note to self: Under no circumstances should you date another guy friend!


Angie said...

don't discount the fact that you're breaking up with a "boyfriend" and a good friend. In my mind, that was like two separate break ups which makes it MUCH harder and takes MUCH longer...usually friendships just fall out, they don't get broken up...take your time.

MD said...

If you're gonna do this, you gotta just do it quick before you can think too much about it!