Sunday, March 30, 2008


I met GC for happy hour Friday after work. The bar was pretty packed by the time we got there so as we searched for two seats at the bar, a bald, black gentleman called out my name twice, more audibly the second time. He and his blonde male friend were seated at the bar.

At first glance, I had zero recollection. Noting my blank stare, he said, "Do you remember me?" It took several seconds but then it dawned on me. I'd met him the night of T.'s birthday. He had been the second guy to approach me that night, Stephen. When I met him, he had a knit hat pulled down over his ears so I was thrown off by the bald head. The 5 or 6 drinks I'd had in my system at the time also may or may not have played a factor. Stephen was the guy I thought was too good-looking for me. GC was dumbstruck by my immediate rejection of Stephen, as she said time and time again, "WTP, that guy was HOT." T. was of the same opinion. Stephen stopped by our booth and made small talk before he left, but that was that.

GC and I took advantage of the 1/2 price martini special. Four martinis and one rum and coke later, I was in bed by 9 pm.


Anonymous said...

Girls just don't know how to do FWB relationships. Looking forward to hearing the conclusion with you and the guy. I think you should try to work in a slap to the face.

MD said...

Ha!! We all knew that guy would pop up again!