Friday, November 30, 2007

Double Birthdays

Ugh, I haven't worked out for a week and a half. I feel disgusting. I got off track last week with Thanksgiving and then I got sick so I haven't been to the gym in what feels like forever. Tonight my parents are taking me to dinner for my birthday so today is out of the question and unless I get up early tomorrow (not likely), there won't be time since we're going to C-Sharp's cabin. I am going to work out extra hard next week! The one positive aspect of being sick is that I've had a pathetic excuse for an appetite. I doubt it's been enough to shed pounds though.

Since there are no new episodes of The Office, I went to TheGuy's house last night and after 9 months of hanging out, we did what people typically do on a first date -- dinner, a movie and drinks. Dinner was Old Chicago, the movie was No Country for Old Men and drinks were at Champps for my friend Rock Star's birthday (and mine, sort of). It was my first time getting out of the house in a week and thus my first birthday drink -- a raspberry kamikaze shot.

Since seating was limited at Champps due to the non-televised Cowboy/Packers game, we were invited to sit with a single old man. He bought a round of drinks for the table and told us he was alone because his wife struggled with cancer for five years before losing the battle. He had no one else. It was pretty sad.

I know it's not a lot to ask, but I hesitated when it came time to invite TheGuy to go out for a drink with some friends he'd never met. Introducing him to friends seems like a slippery slope when you haven't even bothered to define your relationship. Then those people are left wondering, who was that guy WTP brought to Rock Star's 27th birthday? He did go and I think it went okay. He asked a lot of questions about my friends, before and after, which I didn't anticipate so I think that's good. He recognized one of my friends from the gym she works at so now they can say "hi" to one another in passing.

I still don't know where things are headed, but in the meantime, we seem to have bounced back from the whole birthday fiasco.


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