Thursday, October 4, 2007

30 Second Updates

Life updates in thirty second increments...

Grey's Anatomy: STFU

I know this is a week late, but I didn't get around to seeing Grey's until recently when I viewed it on my old-school VHS player. I gave up on that show after season 2. The lovable characters (aside from Meredith, as if she needed an equally annoying sister) who formerly engaged in witty, lighthearted banter continue to be replaced with self-afflicted rants and raves. And cheesy melodrama. It makes me sick. Don't even get me started on that whole Bambi incident which led to Izzie's respectively asinine speech...

The only humorous bit was when Cristina referred to her interns as numbers rather than learning their names.

Ready As I'll Ever Be

I did a twenty-miler Monday night. Was it awful? Yes. Did my legs burn? Yes. Did I almost twist my ankle several times in the dark? Yes. I'm sure the "real" runners have been on taper the past month. Not me.

Here's what the participant guide says:

"There are toilet facilities located within the start/staging area in the HHH metrodome and portable toilets are located throughout the course. They are there for your use. Trees, shrubs, and buildings are there for your viewing only."

I spent $40 on a sports bra last night in hopes I'm not doing this:

What Happens in Vegas...

Hotel and airfare is booked for my friend's bachelorette party in Vegas! I have to say the most overused phrase in the English language may be: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" Every time I tell someone about my trip, I cringe as I wait for those imminent seven words as if I've never heard them before. Seriously, Vegas, you need a new slogan. Or I may go crazy in the next two months.

Extra Large Diet Cokes

TheGuy and I hung out twice last week (completely sober). We shared a funny exchange at the movie theater when he ordered two large Diet Cokes that were bigger than my head ('head' was the best I could come up with).

Big Debbie Loves Little Debbie

So much so she devoured an entire box of these in one sitting:


ruby said...

20 miles! woo! i have 18 miles this weekend, my 16 miler was a lil painful but i have excitement brewing for 18. and then 20. and then.... 26 on 11/4.

best wishes to you and say hi to my little brother if you see him running, his name is ranon and he has monster dreadlocks.

MD said...

You always know how to close out a post!!

Are you counting sliding down railings as part of your 20?

So is this the big weekend???

Kim said...

I could eat that box, too. I am a pig. I think I'm addicted to food. Is there a meeting I could attend for that?